Gold Trading

The online trading with precious metals has become very popular during the last couple of years. The bigger part of the trading volume is gold trading, but silver trading is also becoming popular. The uncertainty that spread among the financial markets, which began in 2008, increased the online trading of gold, silver and other metals. The reason was very obvious: the investors treat these commodities as physical investments that would not disappear even if the markets situation becomes worse. Even at present the precious metals are seen as a ‘safe bet’ during times of upheaval.
Another reason for the growth in the volume of gold trading has to do with the development of the semi-conductor industry, which uses gold for making microchips. Because of this, and speculations on online gold trading, the price of gold has risen from 300$/oz to almost 2000 $/oz in just five years.

Over the years, online trading technology has become more sophisticated, especially in the gold trading market online. Today, almost anybody can trade gold directly, through advanced online trading platforms. However, 10-15 years ago, online gold trading was available only for institutions that traded gold directly in the commodities market in Chicago. This kind of trading is very expensive and almost impossible to take part in for people who want to trade gold online. Eventually, forex brokers developed MARKETGBP products that offer online gold trading as part and parcel of the forex trading experience. Gold, silver and oil trading are the most common entries into online MARKETGBP trading as it gives the trader the opportunity to profit from the expiration of futures.

To recap, forex brokers offer simple online gold trading platforms that allow the trader to program and execute specific requests. When the price of gold reaches a certain level, the trading system can send a signal on behalf of the trader, whereby he or she can send buy or sell orders to the gold market and trade gold directly. Needless to say, this new channel for gold online trading is opening a new horizon in the world of gold investments.