About Meta Trader 4 Trading Platforms

MarketGBP proudly presents the most recognized name in online trading software, Meta Trader 4. Featuring ultra fast speed and renowned reliability, MT4 is the obvious choice for all leader's in the trading industry. Along with these great features, MT4 also comes with a host of free and companion options.

MT4 Desktop

Meta Trader 4 is the veritable catch-all for all modern trading options. These options include futures, CFDs, currencies, and stocks but also is capable of integrating a huge assortment of assets and various financial capabilities. The software features a Market Match window which displays all trading symbols, making them ultra-convenient to access. MT4 is capable of utilizing all available indicators that are required for in-depth analysis on a technical level. To this end, it features trading options which require only one-click for ultra-fast trading, monitors to watch current quotes, and tick data analysis. Multiple strategies for investment are accommodated and current lifetime pending orders are also supported and MT4 is completely compatible with such other luminary systems as Elliot tools, Fibonacci, and Gann. One of the things that investors are very impressed with when trying Meta Trader 4 for the first time is the ability to comprehensively manage the account. For example, the simple look at the current account can be done via the Exposure tab, current events which have an impact on the account can be analyzed via the Company tab, previous trades and reports can be viewed via the History tab, and the most in-depth research and analysis currently available can be performed via the Market tab.

MT4 can be downloaded for free by simply clicking here.

MT4 Mobile App

The mobile app is available in both the Google Play store and the App store. All features are smartly compressed into an easy to use mobile interface so that transactions and analysis can be done on the fly, no matter where you are at. The interface features four tabs which can be used to check prices, use line or candlestick graphs to analyze data, purchase orders and set limits on buys, review history, and view updates on market trends in real-time. Stop buys and stop losses can also be ordered via the tabs. The mobile app is a great way to perform trading from any location, you'll never have to miss an opportunity to make money again.

Web Terminal

Thanks to the non-stop work of MetaQuotes, Meta Trader 4 is now online via a web interface. It only needs a reliable internet connection to allow the user to work directly inside the financial markets. It is functional on any computer running Windows, Linux, or Mac. A great option for those who prefer not to work from a phone or who work from several computers at once.