MarketGbp Credit Card

MARKETGBP is very pleased to present the realization of the new MARKETGBP Program for Credit Cards. The CFDs from different countries are already using the advantages of the program, which makes the withdrawal process from MARKETGBP easier and faster.

The time for processing of the cards is very short, in comparison with other withdrawal methods, offered by other broker and also provides our customers the possibility to get and use their money even sooner than before. Any amount in your MARKETGBP account can be at your disposal only a couple of hours after you request the withdrawal.

The advantages of the creative MARKETGBP Debit Card are:

  • Accepted all over the world – you can use the MARKETGBP Credit Card in every country in the world, as per your choice
  • You can withdraw money from the card from every possible ATM
  • You can use the card for purchases in every physical shop in the world
  • You can use the card to buy products and services online via different retailers
  • You can set a PIN code and ensure the money in your account

The customers who decide to start using our automatically get access to the historical data, related to their transactions, performed with the card and thus can perform active monitoring of their account and guarantee the security of their money.

Register now and receive the benefits of the MARKETGBP Credit Card Program.