Oil Trading

Crude oil has been subject to trades on the electronic International Exchange (also referred to as “ICE”) for the time since 2005. One contract equals to 100 barrels and the quotes are made in USD. Crude oil is traded as a MARKETGBP using the same quantities related to "barrels" with USD as a base currency (1 Lot = 100 Barrels).

The oil is the main traded energy product and represents a very good opportunity for investments in global commodity products.

The situation with the oil has been changing a lot during the past years, not only due to the sharp fall during the last two years, but also due to the reason that the intra-day price can be very variable and might create a large day trading ranges and thus offer a great investment opportunity for the traders.

MARKETGBP understands how changing the the Oil Trading can be for the serious investors on the trading market. Because of this MARKETGBP knows how significant it is to guarantee to the trader the usage of the best possible market conditions, reachable through Multiple Platforms (Web, Desktop, Mobile).

Key features
  • Oil can be traded on both MT5
  • Oil can be included in your Expert Advisor strategies
  • We can provide you with a great range of research tools and would be happy to assist you in taking better informed trading decisions
  • Tight Spreads = Amazing Trading Opportunity
    MARKETGBP is cooperating with major global banking institutions in order to provide you the best available prices, so that you can take advantage of super-tight spreads, without commissions or fees
  • Trade from Charts
    Oil can be traded directly from the charts - market activity visualization, just open new positions and place entry orders. Beginner-friendly charting system!
  • Generous Leverage
    Use leverage to trade Oil (up to 100:1)
  • 24 Hour English Support
    MARKETGBP.com speaks your language. Just request a dedicated Support Specialist and we will guide you through your first trade!
  • No Re-quotes:
    We offer on all energy products, giving you instant and efficient trade execution without expensive re-quotes.
  • Hedging Capability
    You can go long or short oil from the same account.